Proses Review

Each submission to JSDS undergoes the following review process:

1. Initial Assessment: Each submitted manuscript is evaluated for its alignment with the scope of JSDS, novelty, and methodological reliability within the field of statistics and data science. Manuscripts not meeting these criteria will be notified of rejection via email.

2. Pre-review Screening: Prior to formal review, each article is screened for adherence to formatting guidelines and checked for similarity using Turnitin, with a maximum allowable similarity of 30%. Articles not meeting these requirements will be rejected and notified via email.

3. Peer Review: Subsequently, articles are assigned to at least one reviewer with expertise in the relevant topic and scope. The review process employs a blind review method. The final decision is made by the Editor in Chief based on the review outcomes.

4. Acceptance and Publication: Upon acceptance for publication, articles proceed to the layout process and receive a manuscript number along with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

5. Open Access Policy: All articles are published under an open-access system, allowing free reading and downloading by the public.

6. Review Timeline: The review process by reviewers is expected to be completed within a maximum of 4 weeks from the reviewer's acceptance of the assignment.